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We look forward to getting to know you.  To get a better idea of who the contact person of interest to you may be, just click on the photo.  Along with some information about their background you will also find the respective phone numbers and e-mail addresses. See you soon!

Dr. Andreas Hauenstein
Managing Director

Since July 2012, Dr. Andreas Hauenstein has been sole managing director of Telenet. He has been working as an entrepreneur for more than 10 years. In addition to his position as a partner of the engineering office KHW, he set up – one of Germany´s first major social networks – between 2005 and 2009.


Telephone: +49 89 36073-0

Ingo Weber

Ingo Weber has been our sales manager in the field of quality assurance since 2005. Due to his profound technical training and many years of practical experience in testing and monitoring, he will have suitable solutions for all customer requirements.




Telephone: +49 89 36073-157

Kathrin Hettich
Marketing & PR

Kathrin Hettich joined our team in April 2012. She is in charge of the company´s creative, media, and PR strategy. Her responsibilities involve planning of events and marketing campaigns as well as maintaining social networks. Prior to Telenet, Kathrin worked as an assistant of the marketing management director at S. Siedle & Söhne OHG.



Telephone: +49 89 36073-155

Anja Bonelli
Business Development

Since 2008, Anja Bonelli has been working for Telenet and is in charge of setting up Telenet´s product line and developing Telenet SocialCom®. Moreover, Anja frequently gives lectures and publishes about the social web and its evolution. Prior to Telenet, she worked as a press spokeswoman for the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and as a marketing manager for the German speaking countries in the field of IT.


Telephone: +49 89 36073-156

Michael Koppmann

Michael Koppmann has been in charge of sales for Telenet SocialCom® since August 2011. Before joining Telenet, he gained a considerable experience in the field of social media as a project manager in online marketing.




Telephone: +49 89 36073-120

Markus Kesting

Since 2006, Markus Kesting has been working in Telenet´s sales department. At the beginning, he was in charge of quality assurance; since August 2012 he has been the competent person to contact in the field of voice solutions. Prior to Telenet, he worked in product marketing for telecommunication testing solutions for several years.




Telephone: +49 89 36073-144

Karsten Krüger


Since February 2013, Karsten Krüger has been working with Telenet. Together with Markus Kesting he is in charge of distributing voice solutions. Karsten Krüger has 13 years of sales experience in the telecommunication sector. After working for Telefon Partner GmbH in Hannover and AVAYA Team Nord, he was employed by 4Com GmbH & Co. KG.



Telephone: +49 89 36073-159


Annette Manzinger
Human Resources

Annette Manzinger has been working for Telenet since 1996. She started out as an accountant and later became our HR manager. As a commercial manager she is responsible for finances, accounting, human resources, and controlling. Annette Manzinger is the person to contact for authorities, banks, insurances, etc. as well as job applicants.




Telephone: +49 89 36073-108